Thursday, February 10, 2011

Particles to fluid

I have been working with Ian Johnson in the Department of Scientific Computing at FSU on implementing fluid rendering into his RTPS library. So far, I have had success in rendering the fluid surface using only a few steps out of the presentation given at GDC '10. The technique is referred to as Screen Space Fluid Rendering.

[RTPS] Fluid Surface and Collisions in the works from Ian Johnson on Vimeo.

The three phases I have implemented so far are "Render points as spheres", "Gaussian Blur on Depth", and "Calculate Normals from Depth".  The end result of adding this rendering technique to Ian's RTPS library which actually simulates the fluid is demoed in the video above. Next week, I will be posting code snippets along with explanations of how these three steps are combined to create this "surface" like effect.

Hello World

Hello everyone,
My name is Andrew Young. I am creating this blog in particular to detail progress in my research in the Department of Scientific Computing (DSC) at FSU. I may also add post about other interesting adventures I have throughout my time in graduate school.

My next post will be about my struggles as a beginner in OpenGL programming. I rushed head first into the project and quickly became buried in the complexities of Graphics programming.

Andrew Young